One of my favorite blogs

I’d like to take a minute to direct any of you indie lovers to a really neat indie blog:


Modish highlights some of the best indie and handmade items I’ve seen. If you’re looking for something unique, something extraordinary, or products that are more artistic than the norm check out this blog.


Give me grape or give me….

Searching thorugh indie sites for fun stuff I came across this “all-in-one vinotherapy scrub” by Bella Luce and I had to post it because it sounds good enough to eat. (Of course I love all things grape) at $26.00 a jar that’s really no more expensive than some of the more corporate skin care lines, and looking at the organic list of ingredients makes me very happy. This one may be forwarded to the husband for Valentines day.

Bella Luce Scrub

Seriously someone get me a spoon. Yum!