Home and Garden Show

So we’re heading off to the home and garden show at the IX center today.  Not exactly an indie or underground event I know.  However, I used to go all the time as a kid and for some reason really enjoyed it.  Maybe it’s the chance to smell flowers in the middle of February when it’s 0 degrees outside.  I’m intrigued and inteerested to check out all the think green exhibits, though it will probably make looking for a house next year all that more exhaustive, as I sincerely doubt finding any home in Lakewood will have renewable energy technology built in.

Anyhow….there’s also three model homes this year, 100 art and crafts displays (which they paid some mucho premium money for!), 150,000 feet of gardens (breathe in deep!  uummm…), and a castle (how cool!)

We paid $10 for tickets through AAA, I believe at the door tickets are $13.00