Bitter about Valentines day (or not)?

No need to spend it alone…visit one of the most packed parties in the city. If you haven’t been to one of the House of Blues Foundation room parties be sure to rsvp to one soon. It is hands down probably one of the most gorgeous lounges in the city. It’s carpeted wall to wall, has a gorgeous hardwood bar, india relics and statues throughout, and I’ve yet to ever see one not incredibly full of people. You MUST be guest-listed to attend though so be sure to rsvp to

Bitter Ball Flyer


Got cute kids?

In all my online indie searching I came across the absolute cutest kids clothes. I realize this may not seem so indie/so artsy…but just beacause one has kids does not mean life has to be devoid or art, culture or fashion.
How cute!

Check out Lilliputians Liliputians has some of the neatest, brighest most coordinated clothing I have seen for kids that goes beyond merely “cute” to little works of art. When you consider I don’t even have kids yet and was cooing over this stuff, it’s probably worth checking out for those of you who do.

Gina’s Gallery and Boutique

So I have yet to visit this boutique in person so I cannot attest to whether it is snobbery or laid back, but I love the web presence the store has. It has a friendly user interface, great photos, and the inventory looks positively adorable.

The boutique carries sculpture, wall art, pottery, photography, jewelry and clothing. Believe it or not, this boutique makes me want an apron (you have to see them to believe them–but they actually have “stylish” aprons!)Gina’s Gallery and Boutique

Visit them at:
2072 Murray Hill Cleveland, OH 44106