Got cute kids?

In all my online indie searching I came across the absolute cutest kids clothes. I realize this may not seem so indie/so artsy…but just beacause one has kids does not mean life has to be devoid or art, culture or fashion.
How cute!

Check out Lilliputians Liliputians has some of the neatest, brighest most coordinated clothing I have seen for kids that goes beyond merely “cute” to little works of art. When you consider I don’t even have kids yet and was cooing over this stuff, it’s probably worth checking out for those of you who do.

3 Responses

  1. I noticed some traffic coming to my website from this blog and was tickled to read your post about my art-inspired children’s clothing label liliputians. Thanks for such a nice write up! And, no, just because you have kiddos doesn’t mean you can’t still have art, culture and indie fashion in your life. It doesn’t have to be all pastel pink and blue!

    Thanks again,

  2. […] some traffic coming in from this interestingly named site.  It’s appropriately called Art Addict and is written by jewelry designer (check out her sea glass series) and Cleveland, Ohio resident […]

  3. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

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