A little NYC info

I’m not sure what this obsession of mine for the broken hearted people on Valentines Day is all about this year. Being happily married and all maybe I feel the need to spread the love. (Don’t slap me my dear single friends!) I realize I also normally only post things that are accessible to Clevelanders’ but I received this event in my inbox and thought it sounded too much fun to not post. For anyone who is in the New York area, this sounds like a blast!
Can someone ask Bust to have events like these for married people too? It makes me think maybe we should have our own little ladies crafty night out club. Anyone interested? I’ll teach you all how to do jewelry–know who wants to teach me how to knit?


Tek Know goes High Tech

Beyond your ordinary club night, this one has a little twist. Catch a screening of the move High Tech Soul, followed by the film’s writer, director, and producer, Gary Bredow available for a Q & A session after the screening. Then after your expanded your intellectual horizons, let some pounding techno blow those newfound brains right back out your ears!

“Doors open at 7:30
Sreening starts @ 8:30pm
Q & A @ 10pm
Tek-Know madness @ 10:30pm
This is an 18+ event ”

The techno lineup includes:
Alan Oldham (T-1000) – Pure Sonik, Generator – Chicago, Detroit, Berlin
Truck Stop Tourist (1A_ & Andy James)
Databasis Basics (J . Bible & Half Adder) – Live PA
Randomseed & GQEQ – Live PA