Animal Attractions

Grrrr…snarl…..nah really.

I realize that the zoo is not exactly an art event, but since I found the event interesting, read away. Tonight we went to the Cleveland Metroparks zoo event “Animal Attractions”, which is a fundraiser for the zoological society. The evening just flew by. Mind you we got there late, as I can never seem to get out of work all that early.

Food was provided by Blue Canyon, Fat Cats, Fat Fish Blue, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, MUSE at The Ritz-Carlton, Sammy’s, Sans Souci, and some goodies by Sweeties Candy. As far as the food, Flemings was a dissapointment as by 6:30 they had nothing left (which was onlyh bruschettas and frittattas or something like that. Seriously, how much could that cost them?)…you would think that knowing they were providing food for a sold out event they would plan better. It makes me hesitant to visit the restaurant. Muse would be a definite recommendation based on their scallops. Artfully prepared for hundreds of people and delicious, and I am not even a huge fan of seafood! Fat Cats, though they did something simple was my other favorite. I never tried their sweet potato soup, but they had these deviled eggs with some sort of tapenade on top that were absolutely delicious. San Souci had a king salmon with huckleberry sauce that probably was really good, i am just not a huge fan of salmon.

This definitely was more of a cocktail social though, as the drinks were more of a highlight and definitely more abundant than the food. I tried Bluberry Stoli for the first time (’s nothing new, I am just slow) and it was tasty. Jacobs Creek and Sam Adams were on hand as well.

But of course the main idea was wandering through the rainforest, and being able to take part in presentations by the zookeepers. Which unfortunately having gotten there late, and having spent time getting used to where everything was, what was going on and finding time to eat, we didn;t get to do as much of as we’d like. We did get to go behind the scenes rather briefly though and make friends with one rather cute little white anteater, and give him a little pet.

Would I go again? Definitely? Was it worth the $40? Perhaps. If you’re looking for an extensive gourmet meal tasting, no. But if you consider the cost of rainforest admission, a few drinks, an appetizer and making a small donation to a worthy cause this was one great event.

A few presentations they had this evening (all of which we were not able to attend) included:

“how to get a rhino horny” (how hilarious is that?)

“turtle love” (yes…walking by it appeared they really were talking about turtle…er….”love”

“Wine education and tasting”

“Boys will be boys” (this was all about thouse adorably hilarious orangutans! )

And then some behind the scenes tours and other presentations as well.

2 Responses

  1. Animal Attractions was fun. I was glad you and the hubbie could come out for my birthday. I called Q104 on my way home to complain about how stingy their prize guys were. I mean, come on!!! It was my 30th and all I was asking for was a stinking tshirt. Then the guy had the nerve to be rude when I was holding the door for him on the way out saying that I probably just had “bad luck”. So when I was driving, I called and Tim Richards took my name and address. I have a feeling they will be sending me something in the near future. I just hope it isn’t tickets to Christina Aguilera.
    I did get a stuffed ape… which I do not believe you were there for. I simply asked the woman and told her it was my birthday. She educated me briefly on all things ape, handed me a educational paper, and let me come away with my cute little stuffed ape. Happy birthday to me!!!

  2. I thought the event was really cool. It was nice to be able to do something different for a change. Our recommendation is to get there early to get in the food line so that you have time to do more of the talks/presentations or just walk around. Plus you don’t want to miss out on all of the great food. I agree that the highlight were the coctails. I thought it was just a wine tasting, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them mixing some drinks. I think the event was well worth the money. I am glad I went.

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