Monet in Normandy @ The CMA

I believe Cleveland is one of only three cities that will be host to Monet in Normandy. The exhibition opens February 18 and will only be here for four months so dont miss it! Tickets are $15. There are about 50 paintings which will be organized geographically. I personally would like to see The Cliff, Entretat. I have always wanted to visit the Porte-d’Aval since it seems like one of the most beautiful things in the world to me, so majestic yet peaceful at the same time.


Ten Thousand thumbs up for Ten Thousand Villages

Bored on my lunch hour at work a few months ago I wandered into Ten Thousand Villages in Rocky River on Detroit Road. I must confess that I really hadn’t checked the place out sooner, as I expected it was most likely high priced cheap-looking trinket like items. That however is not the case at all! Ten Thousand Villages actually is a member of the International Fair Trade Association, and as such helps improve the lives of artisans in countries with many poorer people. Products in their store were traded for fair wages, and emphasis is placed on the welfare of the artisans and being consistent and reliable purchasers.

Now about the products- I was pleasantly surprised to see some truly gorgeous items. The store stocked everything from household items, jewelry, toys and games, books, stationery, and artwork. They also had some great music including many items from the Putamayo collection of CD’s (one of my personal favorites!) I actually bought a curriculum book on international music and culture that came with a cd, an entire activity guide, classroom reproducibles and it wasa reasonable(yet fair price of) $20.
Apparently Ten Thousand Villages is a chain of stores, and there is another in Cleveland on Euclid Avenue. You can check out some of the items they carry at Ten Thousand Villages You can also shop online, create a gift registry, get gift ideas and learn more about fair trade on their site. Want to learn more about their fair trade policies? Check here:Fair Trade