Snowed in? Make something!

A friend turned me on to the other day, so I had to post the link here. This is a huge DIY (do it yourself) resource. The forum includes such wonderful topics as “Crafting for good and not evil”, “What the heck can I do with THIS”, and “Stitch and BOTCH: projects gone awry”. Media includes anything from silk screening, to polymer clay, to jewelry, to knitting, to bath products, to clothing, to paper crafts….well you get the idea. I’m going to spend a lot of time checking out some of the items about reconstructed art (making something new out of something old or ugly) since my current interest lies in doing more “recycling” and being more creative in materials.

Really who wouldn’t want to check out a discussion on the dangers of microwaving cd’s to a get a cool crackle effect to use in crafts.

You might be stuck at home, but I’d almost bet your guranteed to find some nifty project to do on this site in which you already have all the materials you need at home.

Have fun creating!

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