Ingenuity 2007

Last year we attended the Ingenuity festival in downtown Cleveland. Jamie actually was DJing and I had a friend who did an installation that I really wanted to check out. This year I’m really looking forward to attending (and perhaps even having a jewelry booth). The event promises to be even bigger and better from the write-ups about the projects that have already been posted. Naturally expect some of the Cleveland bigwsigs in arts and technology to be involved such as MOCA, Karamu House, NASA, but get exposed to unknowns and newbies in the scene as well.  What’s great about Ingenuity is the sheer number of artists even involved.  There’s plenty of live acts as well as numerous installations to wander through, ponder and scratch your chin at.  I love the interactive nature of so many of the exhibits and installations at the festival. For example this year  Rita Montlack and Jared Bendis are going to do a project entitled “Found in a crowd”

that hopes to combine art, technology and community. Images of festival-goers’ faces will be captured in a photo booth then incorporated into a video on a large screen plasma display. The faces will be animated and seem to dance on and off the screen, changing every time a new face is added

Jennifer Lewin of Boulder, Colorado will present “Laser Harps”

 – a musical instrument made of lasers, a large 4-foot long fully interactive public sound sculpture. The instrument plays music by breaking light beams, causing sounds to vary by how fast person is moving, height of player’s hand – sounds can be orchestrated.

The event will take place all along Euclid Avenue roughly between East 13th and East 18th streets. If it’s anything like last year there should be plenty of food, drink, music, and art from larger groups and organizations to the individual indie artist. There’s plenty to do for just about anyone from families, to hipsters, to hippies.

I’ll try to post some updates as the event gets closer and at some point find the brain power to make a decent commentary on why this festival is a great benefit and showcase for Cleveland but for now visit the Ingenuity site for more information.


Awesome! A site that lists awesome stuff so you don’t have to look for it.

Once again, I’ve been spending too much time surfing the internet. I think it’s my way to avoid the current artists block I’m having over some jewelry designs. Anyhow, I found a nifty (or should I say awesome) site called quite simply “Awesome”. From what I can tell it’s written by ladies and features basically fun things they find. For example recently they posted a link to a candy heart generator, and a madlib valentine generator (oh haha), a blurb about green tea vodka, movie trivia, a stylish air purifier(seriously it was a work of art), and some interesting clothing items. It’s definitely somewhat fashion and decor centered, but there’s a sporadic nature to it I find refreshing. It’s definitely worth a look, and probably even worth a bookmark. I’m adding it to the blogroll for future reference, so next time I feel like killing some time reading some laid back material I know where to go.

You can visit the site @ Oh my that’s AWESOME!