Awesome! A site that lists awesome stuff so you don’t have to look for it.

Once again, I’ve been spending too much time surfing the internet. I think it’s my way to avoid the current artists block I’m having over some jewelry designs. Anyhow, I found a nifty (or should I say awesome) site called quite simply “Awesome”. From what I can tell it’s written by ladies and features basically fun things they find. For example recently they posted a link to a candy heart generator, and a madlib valentine generator (oh haha), a blurb about green tea vodka, movie trivia, a stylish air purifier(seriously it was a work of art), and some interesting clothing items. It’s definitely somewhat fashion and decor centered, but there’s a sporadic nature to it I find refreshing. It’s definitely worth a look, and probably even worth a bookmark. I’m adding it to the blogroll for future reference, so next time I feel like killing some time reading some laid back material I know where to go.

You can visit the site @ Oh my that’s AWESOME!

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