Why (a blog on ) The Arts in Cleveland?

I guess I’m finally getting to the point where I’ve grown into this blog enough to clarify why I’ve started it in the first place. There’s a reason why I’m highly interested in Ingenuity, and looking for more more information on the District of Design, and even posting links to various events.

While we have some thriving arts organizations (e.g The Cleveland Orchestra, The Art Museum, etc…) and even a decent amount of galleries, there seem to be varying degrees, levels and layers of art missing that would give us more of an entire art culture in this city. Where are the links between our major arts organizations and indie artists? Where are the opportunities for the general or mainstream population to actually be more participatory in our arts community instead of just casual observers or consumers? I know there’s some there, but they are often hard to find, under-recognized or under marketed, or even possibly intimidating to a casual observer.

Other cities are almost synonomous with the idea of creation, of style, of art. For too long Cleveland has been thought of as an ugly, industrial city, and I’d like to see that change.

I think a lot of the arts are intimidating for your average person (imagine the hoity-toity art gallery scenario here). It would be nice to see an even larger arts culture develop in Cleveland, a collaboration between organizations that is easier to see and understandable, outlets for expression and exploration and observation that are easy to find (and maybe even centrally located)

A lot of this stems from my own interest in enriching my life. Since I’m spending time trying to research how I can take a more active role in our arts community, to see more, to do more, to experience more, to connect more with what is being done, why not share it. I do make no excuses for not specifically limiting this to just Cleveland. It is my blog after all, arts in other areas are interesting as well. ;P

I should clarify what I mean by art I suppose as well, since people do have different connotations when it comes to art. I love what is considered “fine art” and have great respect for masters of various media. However, when I talk of art, I mean anything that is done with a passion. This can be home decor, crafts, music, dance, heck even landscaping and construction. Anything that a person puts their creativity into with enthusiasm and then looks back at their “creation” with satisfaction is art to me. In this blog when I make posts, add links, or discuss things I have that version of art in mind. Art that i think can be accessible to all and art that should be important to all. It’s art that can revitalize where we live, how we think and feel, and who we are. It’s art that can connect us and enrich us.

While some of my posts may seem silly and some more serious, the point is that to me the Cleveland arts should be accessible and relevant to all.

Furthermore, I’m not writing this as any sort of an expert, not even as a superb artist, not as a critic, not quite an observer, not quite a participant, but as your average ordinary person who just wants to see the bigger picture and learn from it. I’m just trying to see how the arts as I envision them may be unfolding around me, and find all the others who have the same visions of what are arts can and will be for all

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