New blog link added: Your Daily Art

Normally, I just link to new blogs when I find them interesting, but since this one was so relevant I figured I’d bring a little more attention to it and write a little blurb. Your Daily Art is by Clevelander, Martha who describes her blog by her intro: “Welcome to my art history blog. The format is simple and the purpose is to show you a piece of art, give you a little background, and leave the rest up to you.”

Basically that is it in a nutshell. Every few days or so she posts an art image with a short description. What’s great about the site is that she doesn’t limit her selection or keep it too narrowly focused. This past week alone she featured Mary Cassatt, The Lincoln Memorial, The Peacock Room, and a Renoir. It is heavy on the paintings and drawings, but she does occasionally seem to feature sculpture or architecture pieces.

It really is a great way to get exposed to many different artists, and would be an excellent springboard for discovering artists you would like to explore further.

Think of it as one of those little daily calendars where you rip off a page, but this time instead of a daily joke or bible verse, your growing in your knowledge of the art world.Your Daily Art

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