The Cleveland Arts Prize 2007

I am a complete slacker! I forgot to post that you should all go nominate your favorite Cleveland artists for the Cleveland Arts Prize (which is a pretty major award) Unfortunately the deadline is February 28th, 2007! Yes, that is tomorrow (or today by the time most of you are reading this) .

My profuse apologies for not getting this posted in a timely manner.

For you organized people, if you can do it in time go to Nominations for the Cleveland Arts Prize to nominate the visual arts, music and dance, literature or design artist you believe is deserving of this prize.
Awards will be given to an emerging artist who has created a significant work or project, mid-career artists who have already garnered a positive national recognition, and there are other special citations as well.

I personally would like to encourage you to think of artists who are visionary, creative, and also attempt to build our city of Cleveland up with their arts. Think of someone who you believe has made a significant impact on our culture.

If you would just like to visit the Cleveland Arts Prize web-site (there’s lots more including award winners, links to events, etc..)
visitThe Cleveland Arts Prize