Donate to Charity and win a GREAT handmade art prize pack!

Miss Malaprop is asking for donations in honor of Earth Day for The Green Project & Recycle for the Arts .

Everyone who donates at least $10 will then be entered to win a great prize pack of handmade donates items.(Not only that, you get an entry for every $10 you donate! There’s a lot of chances to win!!!)

You can donate (thereby entering to win) at

The prize pack includes “recycled bottlecap magnets and an altered art tag from BornLippy, pressed flower resin pendant from greenKangaroo, blank greeting cards featuring artwork by Sharon Foster Art, and a recycled acid wash denim handbag and pin made from recycled FEMA blue tarp, dismantled designs. I also plan on sending one of my very own recycled beach glass necklaces from which I’m sending out today. The entire value of the whole prize pack is over $100!!
Here’s what I’m donating:

This is a great charity to support. The Green Project supports environmental sustainability in New Orleans, recycles building materials and paint, deconstructs homes and salvages usable materials. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina imagine how busy they are! The associated Recycle for the Arts (R4A) is a trash-to-art storefront that supplies low-cost art supplies to the community. R4A provides art materials to individual artists, schools, art programs, galleries, and other non-profit groups at minimal cost. This is near and dear to my heart as I firmly believe how important and beneficial it is to use recycled materials in art. It greatly encourages high levels of creativity, while teaching and helping one improve our environment.

Do something great today and donate!


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  1. Thanks for the link and thanks for donating!

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