It’s almost film festival time.

It’s pretty embarrassing to say, but in all my years of living in Cleveland I have never been to the Cleveland International Film Festival; not even once.

But I AM going this year, and you can too. This years festival runs from March 15 to March 25. Tickets went on sale March 2nd and from what I’ve heard if you intend on going it’s best to get your tickets in advance.

Having never gone myself I’m not the best person to say you simply must go, but I will present you with a few facts.

1. It only happens once a year–do you want to wait another 12 months?
2.  There will be over 120 features–surely something for everyone

3. Tickets are only $8–that’s no more than going to see a regular old movie  at your regular old theater any given weekend

4.  More than 50 countries are represented–get cultured!

Dance music fanatics might want to check out Liquid Vinyl on March 16 or 17th a documentary on dance club and DJ culture that includes commentaries by Carl Cox, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and more.

Movies with a local connection include Beautiful Ohio directed by Chad Lowe(an Ohio Native), Relative Obscurity which was filmed on the Ohio University campus,  and Hero Tomorrow about “David, a struggling comic book creator from Cleveland” by local filmmaker Ted Sikora.

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