Get the Green (Accessories for St. Patty’s Day)

Ok, so I’m not Irish. I’ve just faked it for years since everyone thinks I look like I am, and who doesn’t like to play Irish on St. Patrick’s day? Irish or not though, since the festive holiday is coming up I figured I’d feature some great green accessories to get you in the mood to celebrate.

Go modern this St. Patrick’s Day with this blue and brown leaf four leaf clover pendant from The Charm Lady


Cart your flask of Irish Whiskey in style with this leather handbag by feralgirl, aptly named the”Lucky Lou Super Fabulous Leather Purse” It retails for $48.oo on Etsy

Lucky Lou

A little greened-out? You can still be lucky with this vintage black four leaf clover necklace.

At the very least you’ll feel like a lucky shopper with the $12 price!


Whip up a great batch of Irish Soda Bread in this adorable block print apron from artgoodies! So cute!


Remember the mother lands with the Cliffs of Mohler charm necklace.

It’s a lovely little digital collage piece, that truly is charming!


Feeling really festive? Here’s an item for those of you with a little sense of humor. Or perhaps you live in a really cold climate like I do and simply can’t miss that parade! Be bold, be brave and stay warm in this handknit Irish earflap hat from Foolmoon.