Boutique Cafe’ is showin’ the green-show yours to win some green!

Boutique Cafe is hosting a fun contest for all indie crafters. They are inviting anyone to “show their green”. Whatever great green items you have created from hats, to clothes, to jewelry–post a few pics and you can win some green of your own (money)! Even if you don’t have any items to post, go check out some of the green theme items indie artists have already submitted.



Dear Cleveland Nightclub Owners.

Dear Cleveland Nightclub Owners,

I am bored.  There is nowhere good to go dancing.  Could you please make a multi-room club, and market it well with a great promotion manager.  Could you manage to have mainstream music that is not too god-awful and trite?  Moreso really, could you have mainstream  music that is a bridge to some great underground tunes.  Like….gee, maybe a club with electro/pop/dance rock in one room and some banging techno in another?  Or how about a big old latin/salsa night with some house music upstairs?  Or even hip hop that later in the evening bridges into the wildest ragga/DnB/junglist evening around?  Maybe introduce people to some new stuff?  Honestly, have some music played that is well—new?  How about some unknown bands that are really talented (instead of your brothers high school friends?)  Or a DJ that can work a dancefloor and get the idea of track selection and music flow but plays something original?   Decor, I almost don’t care.  Just keep it clean, keep it dark enough in areas so we don’t feel like bugs under a nightlight, and put a wicked sound system in.

Keep the covers cheap (good promotions and bookings should make this possible, have some Belgian beer and a decent wine selection, and sure, go ahead and keep the Miller Lights I guess.

Try new tricks instead of wet t-shirt contests, using the words “hottest”, “coolest”, and “biggest”, serving shooters or any other sugary awful shots.

I’m not saying there isn’t great music in Cleveland.  There is.  Consistency is a whole other thing though.  Seems like lately, everyone picked their nightclub business plans out of the same dusty book in the back of the library.

Then again, forget all that.  Who doesn’t somebody open an art gallery with a really good microbrewery and wine bar, that has DJ’s spinning some tunes or small bands play for art openings?

Visit Rare Bird Finds to find a list of 100 great items!

Rare Bird Finds has always been one of my favorite blogs for finding great things. I was going to attempt to write up a little blurb myself on great things under $5…but when they have a whole list of 100 great things for $10 or less (that are awfully cute!) why not share the news with you. Check out the fabric covered pony tail holders(#10) How fun are they? I LOVE the “dash, pinch, smidgen” measuring spoons(#3) and they’re only $4.95–I spent way more than that on the measuring spoons I have. (Can I have more than one set? hmmmmm…..)I find # 56, the human barcode tattoos to be a bit scary.