The Presets will be @ Touch Supper Club!

I was recently thrilled to find out that one of my favorite bands will be at Touch Supper Club Friday 3/23/07. If you realize I recently wrote about my recent boredom with going out dancing and nightlife in general in Cleveland, and I yet this excited about a show, you will understand why when I found out they were going to be back in town I screamed out a giant yeeaaa, then jumped up and down and danced around my living room a bit. I then promptly went to fact-check to make sure, that yes indeed, they were coming to Cleveland again and I was just not half asleep, or had drank too much wine or something.

The Presets are a total blast to see live! They’re a lot of electronic, a little bit pop, a little bit punk, a little bit industrial, and a lot of electro. Entirely created by Kimberley Isaac Moyes and Julian Hamilton, you’ll be amazed how so much sound is produced by just two people. The beats are tight and well-produced, vocals are entrancing, and the sounds they choose to put together are interesting. Their music is definitely dance floor friendly. You’ll groove, you’ll grind, you’ll bounce and hop, you’ll shake, you’ll pop. In fact, the last time they were at Touch Supper Club, I personally felt it was one of my favorite shows there ever.

The Presets are not some whiny rock band, they’re not some cheesy electro DJ’s. At times they can be anything from dirty and gritty, to driving or spacey.

So, for those of you who have never heard of The Presets don’t despair. You can find them online at their own site at For you younger hip generation, yes they do indeed have a myspace page (with over 50,000 friends to boot!) at The Presets Myspace Page.
At either site you can find sound clips if my music descriptions just befuddle you or you don’t believe me.

Besides you know you want to see people who look like this:

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