A Tasteful Affair to benefit our “Arts in Auto-aviation”

I suppose you may be now asking…automobiles and airplanes  as art? If you ask my husband, cars can most certainly in fact, be art.  I think they may even be his favorite kind of art.  If you only knew the amount of time I have spent in a car museum, the whistles I have heard out of him at times driving down the road, or that on our honeymoon half the photos we took were of cars!

In Cleveland, we actually have a museum that is one of the best in the country when it comes to showcasing automobiles (and for that matter a few airplanes as well) .  The Crawford Museum has over 200 vehicles, including classic, vintage and antique cars, many of which even have a direct history with Cleveland.  I must agree with my husband that some of these cars are truly gorgeous artworks, and some fine examples of design.  It’s not surprising that Car Collector named the museum one of the top ten collections in the United States–it’s quite a large collection!

That being said,  my whole point with writing this was to inform you about Scene Magazines 5th Annual Tasteful Affair, in which a portion of the proceeds benefit the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum.  The event takes place on Thursday May 17th from 7pm-10pm.  Over 20 area restaurants will be participating, and drinks are complimentary.  Tickets are $30 in advance or $40 at the door.  I’d recommend getting there early since in the past food vendors have not always been so prepared for the large crowds and have run out of food before the event was early.  Currently at this time the restaurants participating have not been announced.  Hopefully this year the quality of restaurants will have a bit of resurgence, since last years were not as top notch as in prior years.

Unfortunately however, due to the Diana exhibit I believe, the event is not being held at the Crawford Museum this year but is instead  being held at Windows on the River.  This bit of information was disappointing to my husband, whose sole reason for going every year has been to get to go wander around looking at the cars, beer and food in hand.

Regardless, for $30 you still get an awful lot for your money, and are providing funding for the Crawford, which is definitely a good thing!


Help unify the Superior Arts District by partying!

The RED DOT project, City Artists at Work, and Zygote Press are throwing a party.  The party, Banner-Rama is a benefit to raise funds for pole banners to unify the district.  Enjoy food from Tastebuds and Li Wah, listen to the sounds of Frase and Friends.  There will also be an auction, raffle and artwork by Phyllis Selzer.  Tickets are $50 in advance and $55 at the door.  Personally, I think this collaborative idea sounds great.  You may think that banners seem like a silly thing to put money towards–but that visual presence helps to strengthen and make our arts communities more identifiable.

To purchase tickets in advance, contact Christy at Red Dot Project, 1900 Superior Ave, Suite # 125, Cleveland Ohio 44114, 216. 664.9600, Christy@reddotproject.org

Interested in Cuyahoga Arts and Culture? (CAC)

Want to learn more about Cuyahoga Arts and Culture?  Then rsvp to attend the next meeting of the Arts and Cultural Roundtable.  You Will have the opportunity to learn more about the new CAC executive Director, Cathy Boyle, as well as the three new trustees, Steven Minter, Santina Protopapa, and David Bergholz.  If you are interested in what is happening with proceeds from the passage of issue 18, you’ll especially want to attend as it will be discussed how CAC’s programs relate to the issue 18 proceeds.

The meeting is scheduled for March 30th @ 8:30 am at Burke Lakefront Airport.

You need to RSVP however to Beth Kappa at eak@cpacbiz.org or 216-575-0331 if you plan to attend.

(Information from the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture mailing list.  Please contact them if you need more info, I’m just spreading the news)