Interested in Cuyahoga Arts and Culture? (CAC)

Want to learn more about Cuyahoga Arts and Culture?  Then rsvp to attend the next meeting of the Arts and Cultural Roundtable.  You Will have the opportunity to learn more about the new CAC executive Director, Cathy Boyle, as well as the three new trustees, Steven Minter, Santina Protopapa, and David Bergholz.  If you are interested in what is happening with proceeds from the passage of issue 18, you’ll especially want to attend as it will be discussed how CAC’s programs relate to the issue 18 proceeds.

The meeting is scheduled for March 30th @ 8:30 am at Burke Lakefront Airport.

You need to RSVP however to Beth Kappa at or 216-575-0331 if you plan to attend.

(Information from the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture mailing list.  Please contact them if you need more info, I’m just spreading the news)


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  1. I never read artcle about Cuyahoga, thanks for the information.

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