Nightlife: Jessica Partin @ Touch Supper Club

The ongoing love affair between electronic dance music and Jessica Partin began in 1996, at a time when her roots were firmly planted in the underground Houston punk music scene, singing lead vocals in a band at local venues and teaching her self to play bass guitar on the side. Upon exposure to house and techno, along with the concept of continuous mixing, Jessica quickly shifted her musical ambitions and began carving her own niche in the DJ world characterized by eclectic record selection, bold mixing techniques, and an ever-evolving style that breaks the barriers between genre distinctions.

With a solid history of DJ performances and residencies at notable clubs throughout the city, Jessica currently heads up The New Pop Consortium at The Mink (bi-monthly). She has made multiple appearances on ‘MK-ULTRA’, the legendary Houston electronic music radio program, mixing live over the airwaves for listeners and in May 2006, she made her Proton Radio debut as a Featured Artist with exclusive mixes that also received airtime on Ibiza Global Radio 97.6 FM (Ibiza, Spain). In addition to previous experience playing at Spundae engagements alongside top international talent, Jessica has opened for world class DJs such as Baby Anne, Randall Jones, DJ Sulli, DJ Hyper, Fairmont (aka Jake Fairley), and Ryan Crosson (aka Berg Nixon) and continues to be a frequent guest DJ at some of Houston’s best events, including the all-female DJ rendezvous, ‘Les Femmes de la Nuit’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Rotate’, ‘Tastylick’, and ‘Choice’, to name a few.

Her style can be described as a fusion of dirty electro-tinged house and funky minimal techno with a retro dance-punk edge but spans everything broadly from house and tech house to electro and techno. Inspired by what she identifies with, the foremost influence on Jessica’s sound is where she has been. Music has become a living scrapbook of the places that she loves and with each record, a memory is shared through sonic waves, taking listeners across the world without ever leaving the dance floor.

With a hunger that can no longer be satiated on music consumption alone, Jessica Partin has entered the foray of producer and is currently working on original recordings and a collaboration project, with future plans of remix work and the incorporation of live vocals.

With Resident DJ’s:

The Funk Detective

John K

Featured Guest DJ:


Touch Supper Club 4/21/2007

2 Responses

  1. This is going to be a great night of deep, minimal, and very meaningful TECHNO : ) Please come and join us on the 3rd Saturday of the month.


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