So you want to do an outdoor art show?

So I was sitting here today (and yesterday, and the day before for that matter) already in a panic trying to compile my list of things “to do” and “things I need” for my upcoming summer shows. Yes, I said summer and yes, I know there is snow outside on the ground. Considering my first show is in June though that is only a few months away, and when one has things to buy, construct, or send away for in the mail these things take time.

With that small panic attack now out I figure I’ll share my list of things to have if you yourself think that the crazy world of outdoor art festivals just sounds like so much fun and you really have to try it!

I’d recommend at least having the following to do an art show:

*A Tent-preferably white, with sidewalls. I myself like the Caravan tents they have at Costo. Currently I’m debating the least eye-sore way of holding mine down from wind gusts. (It is VERY important to make sure your tent does not blow away!) Since almost all shows won’t let me put stakes in the ground this will involve either weights, sandbags, or milk jugs of water. DO NOT get one that isn’t a cinch to put up. You don’t have time to play with a tent forever when you have merchandise to set up.

*Tables, chairs (And it’s not a bad idea to have a smaller table for your cashbox and personal stuff hidden away behind your display tables)

*Table covering (I’ve got to get some new tablecloths, and hopefully my table runners dry clean well as they unfortunately did double-duty at a house party and had some run-ins with salsa!)

*A cash box, lots of cash to make change with, a calculator, notepad, pens and pencils

* A receipt book and inventory record to track sales

*Food and Water (yes, this is high on my list)

*Signage-price tags, advertising banners, type of payments accepted (and extras of all of these)

*Vendors license # (Just in case they come checking!)

*Business cards and other promo materials (I’m thinking of doing magnets with my web-site address)

*A mailing list sign up

*A camera (You’re going to want photos after doing all that set-up)

*Your display-in my case an even longer list of jewelry risers, t-bars, rotating earring rack, necklace and bracelet stands, and random bowls, trays and more!

*Emergency supplies-tape of all kinds, binder clips, string or rope, safety pins, band-aids, paper towels, a garbage bag. You never know when these things will come in handy, but if you don’t bring a bag of them you’re guaranteed to need one!

*Anything else your required to bring (a demonstration project/a donation/etc..)

*Packaging for customer purchase–make it look nice! Logo bags, stickers, boxes, ribbons, whatever!

*And oh yeah, don’t forget your artwork!

If I’ve forgotten anything, or you have anything to add please feel free to do so!

4 Responses

  1. Thanx for gallery links.R

  2. Hello,

    Would you know where I can get partition to fit inside a tent with 3 walls 10ft long by 8 ft hight? These so called partition should be used to hang paintings.
    All suggestions/ advice are much appreciated



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