Do you want an indie art show in Cleveland?

While doing many of my latest art interviews (to be posted soon!) I found myself frequently asking people what they would like to see more of in the arts scene. That got me to thinking about what I myself would like to see. While the list is pretty long, and I think I may delve deeper into it in the future, I was reminded about how cool it would be to see more indie art fairs here. Unless you attended last years Bazaar Bizarre, there have not been a a whole lot of indie art events you may have been able to attend. Sure, we do have some great arts festivals and fairs. For example, the Boston Mills Art Fest, the Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival, Art by the Falls, and even more, but those really are more “serious” art shows in my opinion with upper end artists. I’m not by any means knocking those art festivals–I love them!

What I’m saying I’d like to see are more fairs and festivals like Bazaar Bizarre. Art fairs with functional art, pop art, recycled art, zan, wacky DIY art. Festivals where more items are a little more off the wall, much more affordable, and also give indie artists and crafters the chance to exhibit their creativity without fear of borders or any stifiling of the imagination. Really wouldn’t you love a piece of stuffed toast, a lamp from a bowling pin? I swear this whole trend of fashion designers putting skull and crossbones on items came out of this indie art market. (Seriously though, what’s with high end designers doing that?)

So if you too think that this would be fun here’s what I suggest. Check out some of the major indie arts festivals that happen around the nation. Then write the promoters a letter! If we can show we have a market of interested crafters here and shoppers here, you could see a lot more of these shows.

We are Cleveland after all. Land of the wacky leg lamp, rock and roll attitude, and a definite hands-on DIY ability.

Visit the follwing indie craft fair sites. Some you might want to attend, some you might want to try and get to come to Cleveland:

Bazaar Bizarre
Renegade Craft Fair
Rock and Shop Market
Detroit Urban Craft Fair
Strange Folk Festival

p.s. I’ll add more to this list as I get the chance!

6 Responses

  1. Clevelanders are also invited to Pittsburgh’s Handmade Arcade,

    It’s a quick drive & a great indie craft fair.

  2. Absolutely! I totally agree with you…the art league I’m affliated with currently is mainly made up of people my grandmothers age….they are great and I’m not complaining….well, a little, okay, yes, I’m complaining…although I feel welcome at their events, it would be great to see more indie art fests in the area.
    letters will be written!

  3. Maybe we should make up our own art league!

  4. sounds like a plan! i’m fairly new to the whole art scene in Cleveland… your site, so much info! Not sure if i ought to thank you for pointing the Switchboards out to me though….I could spend waaaayyy too much time there.

  5. Thanks for the links for Craft shows šŸ™‚ I was a vendor at and its a great show, very “indie”

  6. would be interested in talking more about this….

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