It’s WRUW telethon time!

It’s WRUW telethon time. Yes, that time of year to support one of the most diverse and unique radio stations in the city. It’s the only station I believe where you can hear electronic music, punk, ska, classical, indie rock, alternative country, celtic, cuban, and so much more all on the same station. Many of the genres you will not hear on a single other Northeast Ohio station. Not onyl that it often frequently features live music and mixes, as well as live commentary. WRUW is the campus station of Case Western Reserve and considered one of the best in the area. With that being said it’s time to support. Since there are no commercials, it’s non-profit, there’s no horrible playlists they need your moolah! Not only that, they give all sorts of fun things for various levels of donations.

If you saw the wonderful inventory of music they have you’d realize just how far they make those dollars go. I once visited the studios and was amazed at the collection and how well cared for it was.

Listen in for more details of donate here:

Visit WRUW for complete program listings, special event info, live streams, and more.

***However, with all this being said…currently there is an issue with the transmitter that CEI is in the process of working on so as I write this the station is off the air! Of course it could not be at a worse time. So, I especially want to encourage anyone who has listened before to donate, and encourage you to keep posted for when the station goes back on air!

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  1. Telethon is officially postponed.

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