Artist Interview: Jennifer of JMN Pottery

The latest interview is with Jennifer Nesbitt, creator of JMN Pottery.  Her pieces include a variety of texture and color, so there is sure to be something to please everyone.

1.Please give a little background about yourself.

I was born in Cleveland and raised in Akron. I married my high school sweetheart.We have an 8 yr old little boy, who wants to be a penguin trainer when he grows up:)

2.How did JMN pottery come to be?

 I was introduced to ceramics in 2001. I went to a craft show and saw a potter demonstrating his craft and I was hooked! I went out that week, bought a used wheel and 50lbs of clay. I went to library and took out a few books on throwing and went to town. After a year of getting myself familiar with the wheeI, I took an advanced  throwing and glazing class at a local art museum. I switched to the kick wheel and have been creating ever since. I’m really looking forward to starting Raku soon.
The name JMN Pottery(my initials) came from my husband who was leaning towards Jamm’in pottery(I like the radio cranked) so we decided if you say JMN fast enough it sounds like Jamm’in 😀

3. What is the inspiration for your art?

I try to make things that I would want in my own house. I LOVE a lot of color!  I also try to think of what the piece will be used for , what would I plant in this pot.

4. What do you find most exciting about what you do?

Opening the kiln! It  brings me back to Christmas as a kid. I love not knowing exactly what I will find.  It feels great to take an awesome   piece out of the kiln and think “I can’t believe I made that!”


5. Where can fans find your work for purchase?

Most of my pottery can be found at and
Found, a handmade boutique in Wilmington North Carolina


6. What have you found to be the benefits of an online presence?

Customers from around the world. When I first started making pottery, I never imagined that someone in China or Italy would have a piece of my pottery in their home.

Its a great feeling, when you put your heart into something and someone out there appreciates it:)

7. Are there other artists whose work you admire (local or national)?
I really love Diana Bjel’s ceramic masks, she is so talented! ( don’t know her personally 🙂

8. What do you think is the most important aspect of the Cleveland Arts Scene?
I’ve just dipped my toe into the art scene up in Cleveland, but it’s exciting to meet and talk to so many creative people.

9. What are some of your other interests?

I love spending time with my family. We spend a lot of time at the zoo and hiking.

And of course since everyone I interview gets a silly question:
10. If you could travel anywhere in the world for a month where would you go?


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