Fashion Week Cleveland (Yes, you read that right)

While it seems many Clevelanders seem to think the height of style is a browns jersey or an Indians cap, believe it or not Cleveland has a fashion week that is said to be one of the best in the midwest.  Certainly it doesn’t rival those in Europe or even in New York, but it does give some emerging desiners the opportunity to strut their stuff. 

If you are interested in finding out what fashion week means in Cleveland check out some of the following events the first week of May:

May 3rd is the kick-off party @ Sinergy Lounge.  the event is hosted by SpotCleveland and begins at 8:00. 

The events continue Friday May 4th with the Latino Fashio show, “Ultra Moda”.  Thie event is $15, and will be held at the Galleria.  DJ race will be spinning tunes for the show, while a cash bar and appetizers will be available to guests as they watch the show.

 “Unclothed: A Mixed Media Runway Event” is at 8:00 at the Galleria on May 6th.  This event promises to present guests with a runway show of avant garde, wearable art and coture.  $20 admission required.

 On May 6th you can board the Nautica Queen for “Celebrity Style Cleveland”  Play like the Paparazzi and catch our local celebs modeling fashions from area boutiques.  $35 includes a lake and river cruise, buffet dinner and the fashion show.

 The Grand Finale is actually the next week on May 12th at Eton Chagrin Boulevard.  The Black Tie Gala will feature the Bravo network’s Wendy Pepper (of Project Runway fame).  The VIP event is $95, which includes runway seating, drinks, a vip lounge and begins at 8:00p.m. General admission is $35 beginning at 9:00 p.m.

You can buy tickets through the Fashion Week Cleveland web-site at

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  1. Where will the casting calls for models be at? If you know? Last year they were at Sinergy but I just wanted to know for this year.
    Thanks Tiffany

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