Oh alright, I’ve been tagged.

I do not usually subscribe to lovely chain mail, let alone blog chain mail….Here’s the tag that I was given:
I am to list ten (somewhat) interesting and (relatively) unknown facts about me/opinions of mine/habits/etc. and then tag ten others to do the same.

Fine, Mr. Eastman of “Music on Your Pizza”. Here goes (Though, I’m such an open book, I’m finding it very difficult to think of things relatively unknown):

1. I’m obsessed with cleaning, though you wouldn’t know it from my house or my car. I compulsively pick things up, or have a need to dust things off. I also am considerably messy about leaving things around, so those things tend to counteract one another.

2. I’m actually rather shy and insecure at times, but I have a tendency to talk nonstop when I’m nervous, or to keep a conversation going, and don’t like silence in the company of others, so you’d never know it.

3. I built entire miniature cities in my basement as a child for HOURS (an hours). I’d barely surface to the main floor for lunch. I credit this constant working with tiny things for my fine motor jewelry skills and vision for tiny details I have know.

4. Things that take little skill that are passed off as art annoy me. Consider the following made-up example–> the canvas that is just entirely painted green and called “grass”. Stuff like that. ugh.

5. I’m such a wanna-be modern hippie. I love the idea of sustainable energy, organic food,”green” homes etc..but am having a tough time incorporating the ideas into my lifestyle. I carry plastic water bottles to work every day, live in a condo where there is no recycling, drive too many places, and leave too many lights on. I’m mastering this buying of organic food though.
Thank you Heinens and Farmers markets!

6. I’ve only recently discovered just how much of an presence the indie art world has online. (Isn’t that sad!) Indie is HUGE online!

7. My entire house practically has been furnished by Crate and Barrel!

8. I refuse to pay full price for just about anything! (Unless it’s handmade!)

9. With the exception of one class in college, I’m pretty much entirely self-taught when it comes to my jewelry-making.

10. ummm…my favorite animal is a dolphin?

Ok, so now here’s who is tagged. (sorry!) Blogacide (let’s see if you read either blog!), Miss Malaprop, Imagine Studios, Bear Tracks Art, JMN Pottery, Make It, Fabulously Green, Dreams and Jewelry, Modish, and Oh My That’s Awesome.

One Response

  1. aw, thanks, ….i see your tag and raise you…hmm my tea. be posting mine soon….but i’m such an open book too…it’s hard to come up with much of anything that won’t generate a, yeah, we know, we know. đŸ™‚

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