Stitch Cleveland

On the way up to Detroit for my recent road trip to check out this years Electronic Music Festival in Detroit (DEMF 2007) I was having a conversation of things artsy and crafty with one of my friends (imagine that!) The discussion actually turned to knitting, sewing and crocheting. My friend sadly sighed that it seemed that knitting was pretty much becoming a lost art. To which I replied that she might be surprised to find out what a resurgence it was making. Book stores craft sections have an ever-growing array of new titles on sewing, indie art fairs are popping up with knitted goodies far cooler than you would imagine, and women are starting to sport a lot more of their own handmade styles.

There’s an ever-growing population of women, many under the age of 35 (And still even those not so young), who are seeking to reclaim some of the arts their mothers enjoyed, but they’re doing it in new ways and making it their own. Those who are interested in these arts may be happy to discover that right in our own Cleveland backyard, such arts are present. We even have a workshop space in Cleveland devoted to as they say “all things stitchy” and it looks like they’ll be opening their doors on June 1st. Check out Stitch Cleveland for their blog, events, and more information. I’ll be adding it to my links section as well for your future reference.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting about us. It is true there’s been a tremendous knitting resurgence — I’m currently writing my 10th major-publisher book on knitting/related topics in what, 3 years?

    Also, in addition to Stitch Cleveland, which is year-round, you might be interested in Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland (, which I coordinate. It’s annual, right around the winter holidays, and is lots of fun!


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