Clifton Arts and Musicfest Preview

Since the Clifton Arts and Musicfest is coming up shortly, I thought I’d provide a little preview of the jewelry I will be showing there. For anyone interested the Clifton Arts and Musicfest (as mentioned in a previous post) is happening on June 16th from 10-6 on Clifton Avenue near W. 117th.  It’s an art show/big block party with great music, food and shopping.   (Btw…If any other artists who are exhibiting happen to come across this blog and would like their work featured, just let me know and I would be happy to include a few photos for you as well.)

So without further adieu…

Here are items from my Natural Earth and Urban Chic Collections. They are handmade with sterling silver or copper, include semi-precious stones, and frequently include many feet of coiled and wrapped wire.



black-urban-chic-necklace.jpg urban-chic-pendant.jpg