PQM June 9th @ Anatomy

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about the musical arts (Um, yeah, like techno), so here you go!

Check out the newly opened Anatomy (formerly Cloud 9) on June 9th by listening to a progressive tribal house DJ (In other words lots of juicy, drum-laden, highly dance-able rhythms) . I know I personally will be in attendance hoping to hear some really good percussive tunes. Check out the event flyer for the full event information (Just click on it for the full enlarged version). The shows only $5 so why not?


One Response

  1. Just to comment on this event retroactively. I must say I was a little against the idea of anatomy. Having heard about the “anatomy” themed pictures I initially thought “Ugh. tacky.”

    However, the decor, while nothing monumental of course, was pretty tasteful Far better than Cloud 9 used to be. Of course, I love Art Noveau…so way to go on the fleur di lis. The front window opens up entirely to the patio, completely exposing the front of the lounge to the outside (Awesome!) and I hear great things about the upstairs to come.

    The new owner is pretty friendly, and I hope all goes well.

    As far as this particular monthly, Jamie brought out a great crowd of people. People I didn’t mind hanging out with. No annoying, immature, posing or rude plastic people. The music was solid, the vibe good.

    All in all. We’ll be back.

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