New Blog link added

OK, so I’m adding Mel’s Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of your boyfriend. I’ve perused it several times, and while it’s not exactly “art” insofar as this blog goes it’s absolutely hilarious and well-written. Perhaps I like it, because being that I am pretty much the same age, and having a similar wit so much of it resonates with me. (Though I may not be single any longer, it doesn’t mean I can’t commiserate any longer) The girls got a lot more stamina than I do for writing…..I’ll stick to my lazy blurbs on local events for now.

Check it out though if you get a chance. Read it and weep. (’cause you’ll be laughing so hard)

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Your Boyfriend


Coventry Street Arts Fair

Well, I guess the fundraising to save the fair must have helped since there is indeed a lineup of 2007 events. There’s lots of fun things going on such as the Coventry Movie Series where you can watch a movie on the big screen, and relax on  the lawn in the great outdoors.  There are plenty of diverse music events at the Grog Shop and right on the street, and lots of extra events at area stores. It looks like the main arts fair dates are June 14, July 20, and August 9. Harry Potter fans will especially want to visit on July 20 for the Harry Potter Festival, with a Harry Potter movie being shown, and a special release party for the latest book in the series. Comedy lovers can visit on August 9th when the comedy/improv troupe “Something Dada” performs from 6-7. Check out the Coventry Street Arts Fair for information. The page also includes a link to even more events going on in Coventry.

I for one, am really interested in the idea of having a picnic on the lawn and catching either Raiders of the Lost Ark(Aug. 9th) or Star Wars(June 28th). Being that my husband is a ska fanatic, I imagine we may head over to the Grog Shop June 29th to hear The Pietasters, Broadview Gutters and 80 HD as well. So much to do….so much to do….

See the Full Summer Events Listing