Tremont Art Hop/Walk

Last night we went to the Tremont Art Walk (or hop, or whatever they’re calling it now) after going to the Cain Park Arts Festival. First of all, it was rather funny to do Cain Park and then Tremont. It’s like stepping into two entirely different worlds. Just shows how divergent art can be.

Tremont is definitely the most risk-taking/indie art district in our area for sure. We stopped in the Doubting Thomas gallery first to check out an installation a friend worked on, saw what in our opinions was some good art and some bad art (Hey, art is subjective after all), laughed at their funny food made to look rather disgusting, saw a cool octopus painting, and scratched our chins at the video installation (aka commentary on modern animism), which had some rather interesting segments. We wandered over to the Asterisk Gallery, where some of the artists were definitely having a sense of humor about their work. By that I mean in which there was the opportunity to laugh “with” the artist (as opposed to “at”). Next found a sculpture I would have loved to have at Atmosphere, but having no place to put it right now, and having just dropped some cash on a new picture I had to pass. Of course we made our way through the other galleries and then wandered on home to dinner. I must confess we decided to skip dinner in Tremont and headed to Velocity on Clifton instead as were in the mood to relax on the patio. Yum!!

If you missed this months art walk, don’t miss the next. It’s free, there’s usually some food and drink to be had, diverse art to check out, and a buzz in the air. Check the dates of the next events.

2 Responses

  1. This was the first time we did the Art Walk, we were both surprised at the amount of people at the galleries.

    My favorite stop was Piccadilly’s Fine Art Gallery on Professor. The owners were quite the pesonalities, grey haired and married since 1974, comfortably friendly and very informative.

    PJ, the husband, explained how they carry nationally recognized artists and what “good” art is. I really didn’t understand what a giclee was prior to our conversation.

    We had ice cream at Tremont Scoops.

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