Grandmaster Flash @ Ingenuity

Wow…that was fun! I was surprised at the level of excitement for Grandmaster Flash @ Ingenuity. Started off with tons of energy and the crowd was pumped. It definitely wasn’t groundbreaking in my opinion, but it was really fun to see people of all walks of life getting down to the same music and having fun. For a little over an hour, Cleveland was in sync just having a good time and all was well. More on this tomorrow. I have pictures and video. We’ll see how good they turned out

Photos on Flickr

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  1. man that DJ was demanding! while the show was certainly not groundbreaking, one must give props to the one who started it all – and nearly 30 years later hip-hop’s DJ/MC combo is still breathing new life into old sounds….

    my favorite part of the show was near the end when he did like they did in the 70’s and took us back to two turntables and a microphone; ingesting, mixing, and regurgitating funk, punk, rock, blues, jazz into one sweet danceable vibe with nothing more than 2 analog tools!

    man that DJ was demanding > as the grand marshal of cleveland’s sat nite dance party, he deftly berated us to bounce and wave our hands when we thought we had no energy left……….. and as he worked his spells upon us, people around us joined in and together the entire crowd was lifted into a manic dance party…..

  2. I really wanted to go to Ingenuity that evening to see Grandmaster Flash (seeing that I’m a Hip-Hop Head). I can’t wait to see the video and your pictures.

  3. Thanks so much for the tickets! You rock.

    Photos are here:

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