Cleveland Public Theater Pandemonium 2007

A few a days ago I received an invitation packet for Cleveland Public Theater’s annual fundraising extravaganza. I think if one were to go to any fundraiser, on the merits of how fun it would be, this would be the one.   At $100 per person, you do certainly have to budget this one out, but as far as fundraisers go, it’s not too steep. It’s Saturday September 15 A Cleveland Public Theater, 6415 Detroit Road.

pan-hotel-for-website.jpgThis schtick this year is that you’re checking into the “CPT Paradise Hotel” where behind every door of every room something fantastic awaits (aka different kinds of entertainment throughout the entire campus of CPT). There’s “room service” with complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks (gee, that’s a deal compared to most hotel ” mini bars”) and of course food stations throughout.

Apparently there is some sort of “Lost and Found” box some where in the hotel containing everything from”inhibitions and enlightenment to yo-yo’s and neckties”.

Valet parking is complimentary, and $75 of your $100 donation is tax deductible.

Reservations are due by September 7th and it all definitely sounds intriguing so check it out now. Or should I say make plans to check in?

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