Pretty in Pink (A color I dislike!)

I am not a fan of pink, not the singer, not the color. But I am a fan of Pinky’s Daily Planner. Since, I’ve been lax giving you cool arts and event updates lately, I want to refer you to a charming LOCAL fashion designer. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Cleveland Fashion Designer!) Believe it or not, local designer Stephanie Fralick actually founded Pinky’s Daily Planner in 1997 and now her collections are even available in New York and Chicago.

I must confess I’ve never visited her showroom, but you can during the Sparx gallery hop the weekend of September 14th-16th according to her web-site.

Her clothing is adorable! Lots of retro flair–pencil skirts in lovely longer lengths, cap sleeve blouses, and longer dresses.

Just a few of my favorite pieces:


If you’d like to support a local designer, and nab yourself a unique piece definitely not available in the mall check out index2.gif.

4 Responses

  1. Such a nice blog, but where are the links to local museums? Museum of art, MOCA, Akron.

  2. I actually replied to this in e-mail., but for anyone else reading, I tend to not link to the art museums as they already have rather good exposure and I really want to feature some of the more indie, local, and not always known to the general public “arts”. I actually DO have link to the Cleveland Museum of art btw, under “Cleveland Art Venues” (as it’s is such a fantastic resource we have!), and the list of links will continue to grow, but as this is an unpaid volunteer blog, keep in mind it’s still personal preference what I include. : )

    If you have things you want to see by all means let me know, especially if you think you have something everyone doesn’t know about already that’s a real gem!

  3. Hello there!! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog!!! Great read and interesting! I notcied you on blogher, I just joined there about a week ago. Its moving slowly but I hope to grow and grow and grow. So pleased to meet you and I look forward to reading more!!!!!!

  4. heyy!! it is Cheryl Kimble’s daughter!! see ya later

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