Be an amateur artist in Greater Cleveland

Since this blog is all about the arts and artists, I figured why not have a little fun and post some ideas where to spend an hour or a day dabbling in the arts, even if you’re not a pro. If you just want to play or have a little fun here’s a few ideas to check out.

Paint your own pottery at Hand’s On Pottery in Woodmere. They’ve got over 300 pieces to choose from, but what I find even more interesting is the humongous range of colors they have to choose from as well as technique books and more in their “design center”.

If you want to find a pottery studio a little closer to home you could also try any of the following:
All Fired Up in Akron
Spirit of Clayin Mayfield Village
Artist for a Day in North Olmsted
The Painted Penguin at Southpark Mall in Strongsville

Are you more interested in a girls night out in which you can make your own jewelry or girly accessories?
You can throw a party at Embellish in Rocky River. They offer childrens’, adults, and even wedding party packages in which your guests can make anything from earrings, to bracelets, to funky flip flops or treasure boxes. A bit tacky perhaps, but probably fun with a group nonetheless. I imagine kids would LOVE it, and it would be fun for a relaxing time for bachelorette party.

If you’re a little more serious you can take an art class at Art House in Brooklyn. October offerings include cloisonne enameling (I’m rather interested in this myself), silk painting, and color compositional drawing. Take a class at the Cleveland Art Glass Center where their very reasonable instruction fees also include the supplies you need to learn techniques such as glass bead making, stained glass, and glass fusing. Interested in art that will have you in stitches? Check out Stitch Cleveland for classes that run the gamut of stitching, sewing, and knitting techniques. They have quite a comprehensive listing!

Looking for a place with classes or studio space in multiple media check out in Cleveland Heights
Silverthorne Gallery in Rocky River
Brecksville Center for the Arts

Basically, there’s not excuse for anyone with an artistic inclination not to find an outlet for their creativity. All of these venues had either drop in classes, flexible scheduling, or convenient class times. Many have reputable instructors, reasonable fees, and often included materials and supplies(or at least have them available for purchase.) Sure, you may not be a pro, and have no desire of selling your wares, but you can certainly have a hands-on good time. Enjoy!

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  1. Great post! I know it’s technically not in Cleveland but FAVA in Oberlin also offers great art classes for adults. Earlier this year, I took a mail art class, which didn’t even require me to leave my house!

  2. Excellent post! I’m always looking for fun, artsy activities in Cleveland – this is a nice, conclusive list of options. My husband and I have also enjoyed continuing ed classes at Cleveland Institute of Art. And I like Studio Bead down in Akron, too.

  3. I stumbled upon your post and enjoyed it. Now I am just a little disappointed I live in Sweden and not Cleveland.

  4. very nice post keep it up 😉 i will visit your site often if i want to design site like yours i wonder how long it will take me

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