Thumbs Down for Trattoria

Normally, I love to give good reviews, but I unfornately have to give Trattoria on the Hill in Little Italy a thumbs down for customer service. We planned on getting a bite (or a lot of bites!) to eat there after wandering through the artwalk on Saturday.  My husband had called to make a reservation and they said they weren’t taking them, rather it was just walk-in for the evening.  Imagine our grumbly tummies when we went to go eat only to be asked if we had made a reservation!  They explained they were no longer taking walk-ins, just those with reservations! We tried to explain that we had TRIED to make a reservation and the person on the phone had told us there was no need.  Needless to say I was not happy.

I’d say a mistake is one thing, but the fact that they did not try to rectify THEIR mistake makes me sorry to say, they’re getting a thumbs down from this  reviewer.

Granted, I won’t go so far as to say don’t go there having not actually gotten the opportunity to actually review the FOOD .(though I certainly won’t be again)

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