Clothes shopping for the anti-mall crew.

Well, for those of you that find that the clothing lines carried by your local mall are simply not unique, artistic or trendy enough for you I offer you the following links to a few boutiques that carry clothing and accessories not normally found everywhere you look. Peruse at will and then shop away to your hearts content. Keep in mind this is not an endorsement as I have not visited them all–caveat emptor I guess. You’ll have to visit and form your own opinion, but feel free to comment back on your discoveries. Enjoy!

Audrey’s Sweet Threads in Woodmere at the Eton Collection supposedly has customer service high on their list of priorities with a preferred customer program, fitting and tailoring, personal shopping and special events.
Yet another specialty shop at the Eton Collection is Chic et Mode, and a brand new apparel and accessory boutique called Joss is yet another reason to go visit The Eton Collection.

Still on the East side is Winds of Change in Chagrin Falls, and lots of other little one-of-a-kind boutique shops.

Head on over to Little Italy and you can visit the Juma Gallery in Little Italy is one of my favorites for accessories though there is only a little bit of clothing. (They also have a ton of unique home furnishings and decor)

There’s no web-link but probably one of my favorite places to check out some unique clothes, the cutest shoes in the city, and a good range of jewelry (lego earrings AND high end sterling anyone?) is the Ann van H. Boutique at 2026 Murray Hill Rd. in Little Italy.

If you’re on your lunchbreak downtown you can head over to E. 9th and check out the Style Lounge to find some young, hip clothing lines.

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  1. I was wondering who was the editor of this blog. I want to send out a press release of new online store that has launched a few days ago that i think would be a great store for this site.


  2. If it is a local store (or handmade indie goods) let me know and I will review it. Otherwise I usually will not take submissions.

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