“I’m Dreaming of a Black and White Christmas”


There is nothing I find more chic than black and white. I especially love the colors together with swirls and art nouveau patterns. That’s why I’ve put this collection together of some fresh and stylish items for the holiday (or the new year) that are a departure from the traditional red and green colors. You can find these fabulous items and more on Etsy, a site in which all things handmade are bought and sold. Link to any photo to visit the seller!

Begin your holidays by sending some beautiful Christmas Cards by Digital Paperie





Get that tree decorated with striking ornaments such as the Icy Snowflake ornament by surly




Looking for a gift for a precious little one? Check out the darling Polar Paulie by LazyMama Designs.

He’s absolutely charming!


For those stylish gal pals consider black mod ball earrings from smashing or black stained glass filigree earrings by ramona. Of course, you might just want to treat yourself since they’re so lovely!

il_430xn11038876.jpg il_430xn13293071.jpg


Get on the bosses good side by purchasing a high-powered 17″ laptop briefcase by Jane King Designs. The $69.00 you spend might translate into a well-earned raise later!

And since we never know what to get the men in our lives other than a tie, why not give him a play on words with the catstooth (as opposed to houndstooth) tie from the toybreaker.


Once you’re done shopping and have everything all wrapped up, make the finishing touch a snowflake gift tag from elles studio. At $3.50 for 22 tags, they’re a steal!


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  1. It is so nice to receive something artistic or hand crafted as a gift because of the uniqueness and individuality of hand crafted artistic objects

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