‘Twas an Artsy Afternoon at the Art Craft Building

This afternoon the hubby and I popped over to the Art Craft building for the annual open studio holiday sale. I was kind of interested in checking out Pulsar Papers one day a year sale to the public, and looking for something to do for the afternoon. I also thought I’d make a visit to Chris of Copper Leaf Studios since she’s one of the gals who posts on the Cleveland Etsy Street Team forum I so frequently visit lately.

It’s so nice and easy to get to right off of 90, and we found a parking spot right up close (nice!) Once we got inside the building we checked out all the signs indicating all the studios and artists to visit throughout the building. We decided to check out the Pulsar sale first as I’m looking for some new background paper to photograph my jewelry on. Turns out, I didn’t find quite what I was looking for but it would have been a scrapbookers heaven! They had tons of scrapbook kits at very reasonable prices with all sorts of papers, embellishments, ribbons, cards and other doodads. Plus they had free popcorn!

Then we decided to explore the rest of the building. The artwork in the studios was displayed in all sorts of unique ways, and was rather diverse in style. We perused rather quickly but there were lots of people enjoying a leisurely afternoon munching on snacks, sipping wine and inspecting, admiring or purchasing work. A piece depicting Lake Erie throughout the seasons particularly caught my eye.

There was an invitational event on the 6th floor that was juried quite well. It reminded me a lot of the caliber of art one might find at the Cain Park Arts Festival, though there were definitely plenty of items in a reasonable price range as well for gift giving. The categories of work represented were varied so as to remain interesting. It was in this area I ran into the designer of Copper Leaf Studios. I was pleased to find that my husband (a bit picky with his art) liked her work. Eventually I imagine we’ll add one of her pieces to our collection. (Of course, as we’re looking for a new home, that may wait until I know what walls I have to fill). Other highlights for me personally were the industrial-style jewelry of Brandon Holschuh, the origami of Ginger Folds, and Alisha Merrick’s enamel work. I also came across the work of Dave Williamson, who I took a jewelry class from in college, whose work is just amazingly unique. It incorporates fabulous metal work, and found art, and has a very earthy, organic and antique style in my opinion.

All in all it was a well-done show, and there was plenty of unique items to see.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lovely afternoon and would love to attend this myself. It’s the first I’ve heard of it and your writing is well done, thank you for sharing! Felt like I walked a little through it too!

  2. Thanks for a great review!

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