I love Handmade!

By I love handmade, I don’t only mean items that are handmade, but items from the shop of the same moniker on Etsy! Handmade is a darling shop that sells all sorts of items from really funky catnip toys, to conversation-causing tees and buttons, and even children’s toys. I think my favorite item (must be the teacher in me) are the owner’s handmade “build your own” plush playsets. First of all, I love the fact they are plush, and not made out of some disgusting plastic molds. Secondly, instead of toy burgers, or cookies as are so often frequently found as children’s play food, they are baskets of fruits and veggies. Not only that, YOU choose the items you want in the basket, and you can pick up to six darling things! It seems almost like a steal at $35.00, considering the price of many mass produced toys on the market today. Check out the shop @ Handmade on Etsy today!


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