Shop Local! Support your Community.

Here is my encouragement to you to shop local whenever you can. What’s the big deal you may ask? (Other than do you really want to give your money to Wal-Mart? Seriously?!)

Do you need some good reasons why? Here’s a few thoughts for you to consider:

1. Shopping local means your dollars stay in your community. The people you buy from can then turn around and buy from other locals in your community. This also means more local tax dollars going back into your own community as well.

2. Shopping local means there will be a greater diversity of products and services in your area. Sure, you may argue that a large retailer offers more choices. But as more and more locals are supported through purchases you really are encouraging creativity and local entrepreneurship to thrive. With time will bring in a much greater diversity of good than a few big box retailers, as well as items targeted to your community’s identity and needs.

3. Shopping local gives you the opportunity to have better access to personable and reliable customer service. In many cases you can deal with a seller face to face instead of over a phone many hundreds of miles away. Independent and local sellers often are more likely to care about providing you with the best service as their reputation depends on it. Take the time to consider many local sellers you probably already even personally know!
4. It’s more environmentally friendly. By shopping locally, goods don’t have to be shipped as far and therefore reduces the amount of wasted resources (e.g. Gas!) and causes less pollution. In addition, local merchants usually take up little space in comparison to major chain retailers causing less loss of habitats.
5. By shopping locally you are giving members of your own community jobs and sometimes even helping new jobs to be created as businesses grow!

With all that being said keep posted for some great ideas on where to buy local made goods and services this year and give something back to your own community. I will be doing a series of spotlights on local handmade items in the coming weeks.

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  1. Great post! Shopping local also keeps the local culture alive.

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  3. Hi, I don’t know you,know you..but my post today is a cousin to yours.
    Joel Libava
    The Franchise King Blog

  4. I must admit, I’ve been more than a little confused about this issue for some time. I shop locally mostly because I’m lazy and I live in a town with no big box retailers (a strong city council helps with that). And I would love to be a local store owner one day.

    I find the most compelling reason you listed above to be the environmental one. That completely makes sense to me.

    But, what I don’t understand, is why it is always better to keep money in our local community. Wouldn’t it be better for us to buy goods from places like 10,000 Villages that then provide decent income to those who really need it? And big box retailers can’t be all bad for all local economies. They create jobs, too, right? And what if a big box retailer has headquarters where you live? I don’t know. I just still haven’t heard a really concrete argument that makes sense to me. Can anyone help?

  5. I’m all about buying from places like 10,000 villages as well (I’ve actually posted about that store a long time ago)…but big box stores do not benefit local economies in the exact same way a local retailer can. (though I do like places like Target that DO donate to the communities they are involved in).

    Here’s a case study that offers one example:

    Click to access midcoaststudy.pdf

    and a few more examples…

    hope this helps!

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  8. Not sure I buy this. See here:

  9. I think the point of buying locally is that you are supporting independent retailers. Let me refer you to the 3/50 project…

    When you buy from a chain or big box store less money gets recycled back into the community then when you purchase from an independent retailer. I think independent is a better adjective than local for what Valerie is describing.

    The benefits of arts in a community have been discussed time and time again so I’m not going to beat a dead horse. But if you continue to buy things not made in the US then you affect the local community’s economy. Let’s be realistic because we all shop at Target, etc. I’m not saying to never shop at a big box store. But shop more thoughtfully and think about who is sustained when you purchase an item. Like anything there should be a balance.

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