Treasury Happy

If you’ve never visited Etsy, you may not understand the fervor that is the excitement of a well put together treasury. But if you have then you understand that Etsy treasuries are like mini gallery collections, and offer people the chance to play “curator”. I managed to snag a treasury myself recently and figured I’d repost a screen shot here. I usually don’t like pink at all, but everything just went so well together. Check it out as well as the rest of the etsy treasuries to get a look at what many consider to be some gorgeous goods!



Local Lake Erie Artists

OK, since Higbees turned into Dillards, and then Dillards closed a few years back, I must say I haven’t visited Tower City as frequently as I used to, other than say to walk through during St. Patty’s day or something. There really is a good reason to go back and visit however. Inside Tower City Center on the first floor you can find the Lake Erie Artists Gallery, which is a cooperative of local Cleveland artists. If you’re looking for an entire collection of local art this is a fabulous place to begin your search. Visit to find jewelry, paintings, photography, accessories, sculpture and more.
Lake Erie Artists