I Think Home Remodeling is Art

I’ve tried to convince my husband that shopping and home remodeling are art. Look at it this way, you wouldn’t say interior design isn’t an art would you? Painting is an art isn’t it? How about working with ceramics, paper, or tile? See my point? Of course I realize shopping is a bit of a stretch, but how else do you find your materials to create art with?

Before I get too off track though the entire reason of this post is to make note of the upcoming RemodelOhio show at the IX center. Since my husband and I are currently in the process of trying to figure out what to do to make our condo sell and in the process of looking for a new house I’d love to see the ideas presented at this show. Of course, I realize it’s basically one big giant walk-through commercial. Though, if you’re in the market for such things why not?

There will be exhibits on green remodeling, basement remodeling, building and outdoor kitchen retreats well as seminars on interior and exterior decor.

It’s a bit steep I think at $12 a person, but if you visit the web-site and give them your e-mail you can get a coupon for $2.50 off. (I sure hope this won’t result in lots of home improvement spam) The show takes place at the Ix Center January 24-January 27th.

Visit the web-site for more information:



Win a $100 Shopping Spree on Etsy

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