My New favorite shop on Etsy

I fell in love with the Timothy Adams Designs shop on Etsy recently. It actually caught my eye since I thought the steel jewelry displays might be a cool purchase to display my jewelry on at shows.  I’m considering buying one or two at some point (of course, on etsy don’t wait too long—good things can sometimes go fast!) I mean really—-aren’t they cool?  They’d fit very well with the streamlined black, white and silver theme that I have to my display I’d bet.  il_430xn16407369.jpgil_430xn16505899.jpg

Then I discovered that he is so talented he has even made a coffee table! Definitely check out Timothy’s fabulous metal work on Etsy. There’s everything from business card holders, to camera necklaces, to even more furniture. It’s most impressive, sleek and lovely!

The coffee table (or possible bench) is below.


3 Responses

  1. thanks for the feature!! you blog is great!

  2. I saw those and thought they would make an excellent jewelry display!

  3. i saw those jewelry trees and fell in love with the idea too!

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