Art and Wine…perfect!

I was taking a look at the Studio of 5 rings web-site and was looking at their events and noticed the following:


  • 1:00pm and again at 5:00pm
  • Tasting leader provides guidance through our California collection. Our Art Gallery provides a friendly, supportive environment.
    • Learn tasting basics
    • Pick up new tips
    • Ask the wine maker questions
    • Five 2 oz. samples, complimentary appetizers and desserts
    • $10/person
    • RSVP required – seating is limited

Sounds good to me. $10 is very reasonable for a tasting, and when you couple it with art–well that just makes me a happy camper. They have events listed clear through April on the site such as a book signing, happy hour specials, and a chicken paprikash cook-off. If you didn’t already know–The Studio of 5 Rings is an art gallery in Rocky River and a Winery where they also make their own wine on premises. Two of my favorite things; not a bad combination!

One Response

  1. That would be a good deal, except for the fact the S5R produces lackluster and dismal wines of no character or body. They have a limited selection of varietals, and don’t seem to be able to do much of anything good with any of them. Enjoy the art, as you will, as I know that’s very much your thing, but don’t bother with them for wine.

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