Change Cleveland in 2008

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher
With that being said, why not make a few small changes this year that can create some positive change in your local community. Even small changes, if changes for good, are worth the effort. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
1. Hunger doesn’t only strike during the holidays. Consider making a food or monetary donation to the Cleveland Foodbank. Or, sign up to be a volunteer. There are many different opportunities for you to lend a helping hand. Interested? Visit the Cleveland Foodbank.
2. Put more effort into recycling. The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District offers a web guide and printable guide detailing the recycling programs of each city in the county.

3. Give the gift of literacy. Cleveland Reads is a resource and advocate for both child and adult literacy. Find out how you can donate, help or volunteer at Cleveland Reads.
4. Make sure your politicians work for you. Register to vote in Cuyahoga County. Then write to your politicians and tell them what you want. You can visit Write to Your of any number of sites to find out how to contact yours.
5. Shop for your food locally. (Especially organic!) You can still even do this in the dead of winter at the North Union Farmers Market.
6. Support the Arts. It’s no secret I think the arts are vital to our economy, our lifestyle and our environment. I won’t list any organization or artist in particular as that is one of the major purposes of this blog. Simply visit the theater, purchase your goods from local artists and crafters, check out local art galleries, watch a dance performance, donate to arts organizations, take an art class, etc… There’s an entire wealth of possibilities.

More ideas to come soon…!


Derek Plaslaiko @ Touch Supper Club 2/16/08

Yippee, hippy, hooray.  Back when we were throwing events DJ Derek Plaslaiko was on our “to book in Cleveland” list.  Of course, life took over and we got busy doing other things and never managed to do so.  Fast foward a few years and I decided to repeatedly bugged the Tek-know crew to book him.  (Of course, methinks he was already on their radar anyhow and my begging did little to persuade them, but I digress.)

If you don’t know who he is–look him up.  I think I was hooked on his music when we heard him at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2004 I believe?  Anyhow, mark the date on your calendar if you like some serious dance music.  Prepare to wear some comfy shoes and get down to creative and energetic beats.

On a personal note: I publicly thank Paul of Tek-know for this booking.  You rock!

Here’s the details that were posted at


Sat Feb 16 2008

For the next installment of Tek-Know @ Touch we’re finally answering your calls. One of the most respected techno acts coming from the US

Derek Plaslakio [Detroit / NYC]
Ghostly International, Wolf + Lamb

Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends and are forever on a quest to find the perfect record. The ones that make the staunchest of chin stroking, note taking trainspotters lose their shit on the dancefloor, hanging on every record from one to the next.

Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7”s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit’s rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Analog parties of the mid-nineties. He quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely sensual. This combination resulted in a residency for Family, the weekly party at Detroit’s legendary Motor.

With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, Plaslaiko slowly became in demand on the Midwestern club circuit; sharing the stage with such techno luminares as John Acquaviva, Kevin Saunderson, Richardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and Matthew Herbert. It was also during that time Plaslaiko was asked by Carl Craig to perform at the inaugural edition of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

In 2003, Plaslaiko became part of the original team of DJs at Detroit’s Untitled parties, sharing a residency with Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear and Mike Servito. In 2004 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice of the Motor City to the Big Apple.

Currently, Derek is one of the resident DJs at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC, as well as an integral part of the Wolf + Lamb monthly parties. Most recently, he was honored in the Village Voice 2006 “Best Of” poll as New York’s Best Techno DJ.

Sets are available here ->

Local support from
Jamie Tyler [Tek-Know | Cleveland]
Funk Detective [Tek-Know | Cleveland]

and more TBA!