Valentines Day was not invented by Hallmark.

My husband refuses to acknowledge Sweetest day, as he says it’s a commercial holiday invented by corporations to sell stuff. I’ll give him that…but Valentines Day has a place in history so I say it’s legit. With that in mind do you have a honey you want to find something for this year? Why not go handmade and heartfelt instead of buying some mass produced product. The following items might give you a few ideas to get you started (Many are from local Clevelanders!):

You can avoid the mass produced cards and give something that has some sentiment with a handmade love note…from “Handmade” They’re quite lovely and you can even buy a set of three.

Got an environmentally conscious sweetie? How about this 100% cotton reusable tote bag from Quill Avenue Studios?


Here’s a creation of my own: Two Hearts in Love Earrings
Simple sterling silver hearts and swarovski crystal.

Looking more for a wee one? How about a sweet swaddling blanket from LazyMama Designs
Show that your love is “rock solid” with the “She Loves You Necklace“from Stonz
Are you the practical sort? Keep your loves head warm (or your own!) with this cute“Be Mine” hat from Strawberry Lemonade. It’s in lovely shades of pink and super soft!
If you’re just looking for something festive that isn’t too risque’ check out this cute top from Spiderlily Clothing.
Of course, if you insist on things being anatomically correct there’s always the “My Beating Heart” t-shirt available for girls or guys from Various and Sundry