Wow….I like the Grammy’s again.

I have to say I’m actually impressed. The Grammy’s have been pretty sub-par talent-wise the last few years. This year though talent shone and hearkened back to other days.  I love how the fiftieth anniversary inspired some musical flashbacks such as the tribute to Gershwin and the more poppy format of the show was overlooked for some truly classic pieces such as the duet by Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli.  Alicia Keys sang beautifully, and even Fergie sounded pretty good.  My husband I think is now in love with Amy Winehouses’ voice, and we were both impressed with how good Tina Turner sounded and looked.  (Aretha Franklin however, is a whole other story.  Yikes!)   Kanye West is still as arrogant as always, but his performance of Stronger was really rather a neat performance.  I actually loved the lights and effect…which perhaps may have been cheesy, but were entertaining nonetheless.  (And was that actually Dadt Punk performing?)

The radio has made music boring the last few years, but the grammy captured something timeless this year.

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