Going Eco with Eggs.

So today is a snow day. With a little bit of extra spare time I have decided to oxidize some of the jewelry I have designed to give it a darker tint. I hard boiled a few eggs to do it the old-fashioned non chemical way. No Liver of Sulfur here, no, I’m using mashed eggs. Seriously gross, but I can’t wait for the results. Though as I think about not using chemicals, I’m starting to think about how it’s a waste of food to use it to color jewelry. Oh well.

One Response

  1. Hi~ I am interested in using the hard cooked egs to oxidize my silver. I am just starting with silver metal clay and paste so am new to all this. I didn’t want to purchase and use so many chemicals when eggs can do the trick. What hints can you gice me with the eggs? Thanks!! Barb

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